Bill Cosby, Black Men, and Crime Statistics

While some Black Americans, White Americans, and other Americans are standing together against Bill Cosby and calling for additional laws to incarcerate more alleged rapists, at the penal phase, they are not together. Who are the people who will be incarcerated as a result of the additional laws? African Americans males (fathers, brothers, and sons), though representing 7.5 percent of U.S.’s population, constitute 65 percent of the people accused of- and imprisoned for- sexual assaults. And Black men comprise 62 percent of the people DNA testing have exonerated from wrongful imprisonment. Thus, Black men are not disproportionately imprisoned due to disproportionately committing crimes, but are disproportionately imprisoned due to their being more aggressively pursued.

This is evident with Cosby being fiercely pursued while many others who are accused and/or convicted of sex crimes are not being similarly assailed. Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein allegedly sexually abused 34 underaged girls. Bill Clinton used Epstein’s private jet 10 times for travel in relation to the Clinton Foundation. And Donald Trump is a close friend of Epstein. Neither Clinton nor Trump are condemning Epstein. Neither are Cosby’s persecutors. And no one is pressuring anyone to condemn Epstein. We are not witnessing the Frankenstein hunt down of Epstein that is being commenced against Cosby.

The inequitable persecution that is being carried out against Bill Cosby is the same inequitable persecution that is the cause for Black men being disproportionately accused of crimes and disproportionately imprisoned.

Source: “Sex, Race,and Wrongful Convictions.” By Mathew Johnson. October 3, 2013. The Crime Report.